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Sunday, 4 September, 2022

When a child is travelling overseas with only one parent or with someone who is not a parent, it is sometimes necessary, and usually advisable, for the adult who is travelling with the child to have an original travel consent document. This will be signed by the non-travelling parent or parents or the legal guardians of the the child. Sometimes the rules of a country through which the child will travel, or the airline or cruise or ferry company, require the document to be signed before a notary public. 

The starting point is to check if the countries or airline or other travel company require the consent to be on a specific form. If not, I can assist with drafting a travel consent declaration. This should be checked as being sufficient with the relevant immigration authorities, airline or travel company – I cannot perform that task. Also, you should check whether the notarised document needs an apostille or legalisation (please see information on this on this website).

In all cases, I need to see the non-travelling parent or parents sign in person and I need to see the child. I need to see the original passports of all parties and the child’s original birth certificate, which names the parents. Depending on circumstances, other documents may be needed too.

Travel consent documents need careful preparation and it is recommended that plenty of time is allowed to complete the process before travelling.