Tuesday, 6 July, 2021

We are in a period of transition in our response to COVID-19. While legal regulations are being cut down, there is increasing responsibility on individuals to take appropriate precautions to minimise the spread of COVID-19 and to protect those who are vulnerable.

I continue to provide notarial and legalisation services where this can be done safely and within national guidelines. These services can be critical for people and businesses who need to manage their overseas legal affairs. 

Some notarial acts can be done remotely, for example where I am certifying a Companies House certificate. Most notarial assignments involve me physically witnessing a person sign a document. In most cases this cannot be done remotely, in part because most destination countries would not recognise it. I am offering notarial services provided that:

  • I am free from COVID-19 symptoms and not isolating.
  • You confirm that you and your household are free from COVID-19 symptoms and are not isolating.
  • Everyone at the appointment wears a face covering, uses hand sanitiser and maintains a suitable distance. 
  • Preparations can be done in advance by remote means.

The Government’s Legalisation Office is currently open for the issuing of apostilles and is providing an excellent service within about a week. Most embassies and consulates are offering consular legalisation services, but for some this is taking longer than usual.