Charges & Payment

Charges are based on a basic fee of £105 plus VAT, which is £126, but taking into account:

  • the number of documents to be attested
  • the number of people that are signing
  • whether the document is ready to be signed or needs drafting or completing by the notary – preparations
  • printing and copying
  • Email correspondence above merely arranging the appointment
  • establishing authority to sign, especially for company directors
  • travel to an appointment out of office
  • the requirement for independent witnesses other than the notary
  • liaising with a party overseas, where asked to do so
  • obtaining apostille, legalisation, translation, courier and mail services for the client
  • disbursements incurred with the client’s agreement
  • VAT will be charged on disbursements where this is required.

I prefer to receive payment by debit or credit card or by internet bank transfer. Payment must be received prior to release documents or before ordering apostilles, legalisation, translations and courier services on your behalf.

I will provide costs information or a quote as soon as I have enough information to know your requirements. Where the scope of work changes, the charges may be adjusted based on the effect on the time taken and disbursements.

In order to try and complete the work in a single appointment, preparation and drafting is needed. If you cancel the work after preparation started, you agree to meet the costs incurred to that point.

I will always assist you to keep your costs to a minimum.  For example, where a number of copy documents are required, it may in some cases be possible to bind them together under a single notarial certificate which will then require a single apostille and/or consular legalisation, thereby saving costs. However, this depends on the requirements of the body that is to receive the document and in some cases the rules of the London consulate in question.