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Sending documents overseas

Monday, 28 September, 2020

Documents that are authenticated by a notary public are almost always for use overseas. This raises the question of how to send them to the destination. The options are ordinary airmail, Royal Mail “Tracked and Signed” and courier services such as FedEx and DHL, which deliver to the addressee. If I am instructed to send a document overseas for a client, I will only use FedEx or DHL. This is because they reliable and fast. Sadly, each year a number of of my clients send their documents by some form of mail which fails to deliver and causes the client, delay, extra cost and sometimes consequences of missing a deadline. All systems are fallible, but the courier services very rarely fail to deliver and the cost is usually much less than having to repeat the document formalities.


Thursday, 24 September, 2020

Notarial work is affected by COVID-19 restrictions but I am committed to providing a full notarial and legalisation service as far as possible. In part this is to help people who are currently unable to travel overseas to sign legal documents.

Some notarial acts can be done remotely, for example where I am certifying a Companies House certificate. Many notarial assignments involves me physically witnessing someone sign a document. In most cases this cannot be done remotely, in part because most destination countries would not recognise it. I am offering notarial services:

  • Provided that I am free from COVID-19 symptoms and not self-isolating.
  • Provided that you confirm┬áthat you are free from COVID-19 symptoms and not self-isolating.
  • Provided that face coverings, hand sanitising and social distancing can be maintained.

I am currently seeing clients at my home in Gosforth (NE3) and not in Time Central. I will provide full details when an appointment is made. In exceptional cases I can witness documents being signed in other locations.

The Government’s Legalisation Office is open for the issuing of apostilles and is providing an excellent service within a week. Most embassies and consulates are offering consular legalisation services, but services time vary.

Please send me an email with your requirements and I will do my best to provide notarial and legalisation services if this is possible within Government COVID-19 regulations.