Monthly Archives: June 2020


Friday, 26 June, 2020

Notarial work is affected by COVID-19 restrictions and guidance. Some notarial acts can be done remotely, for example where I am certifying a Companies House certificate. This work is unaffected. However, much notarial work involves me physically witnessing someone sign a document. This cannot be done remotely because there is no legal process in this country permitting remote notarial authentication and, even if there was, most destination countries would not recognise it. I may be able to offer notarial services on the following basis:

1) Provided that I am free from COVID-19 symptoms and not self-isolating.

2) Provided that you confirm that you are free from COVID-19 symptoms and not self-isolating.

3) Provided that social distancing can be maintained.

4) The Government currently advises, “During this time of unprecedented disruption, the UK Government is not asking all businesses to shut – indeed it is important for business to carry on.” I am committed to helping businesses and individuals that have overseas affairs to access notarial and legalisation services as best I can within Government guidelines.

5) The Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Legalisation Office has re-opened with limited capacity and provided documents are submitted by registered consular agents, such as the agent I regularly use. Please see: Some embassies in London are closed for legalisation and some have now re-opened. Please contact me for specific details.

Please send me an email with your requirements and I will do my best to provide notarial and legalisation services if this is possible within Government COVID-19 regulations.